Advertisement for an RN position at Troy Regional Medical Center

Advertisement for an RN position at Troy Regional Medical Center.

Advertisement for an RN position at Troy Regional Medical Center
Hospital website:
At Troy Regional Medical Center we want to give you the ultimate nursing experience for your career. Our main focus is on our patients and their families. We truly strive to make a difference in health care services for our clients and therefore provide compassionate, extraordinary care all day, every day. Troy Regional Medical Center offers attractive salaries, allowances, and benefits as well as growth opportunities for our staff through programs such as a robust Graduate Nurse program and tuition reimbursement. We encourage our nurses to pursue advancements in their careers to ensure growth and advanced skills in offering services. We also recognize our top-performing and achieving nurses through programs such as the Daisy and Nightingale awards. You will certainly enjoy the excellent learning and advancement opportunities. We have a supportive and collaborative team that tasks itself in providing optimal patient and family-based healthcare. Our vision is to gain national recognition for nursing excellence by providing compassionate patient and family care that is innovative, collaborative, professional, and client-friendly.
Position Requirements:
Alabama RN License required
Must have BLS certification
ACLS and added preference
Should be able to perform adequately under pressure, be professional, and maintain positivity at all times. Should also be flexible.
Total education: 
One-year experience in a comprehensive medical or surgical hospital setting.
Critical care experience in a hospital setting an added advantage.
Providing direct care to patients.
Application of the nursing process in providing patient care.
Supervision of care and treatment services by LPN’s, CNA’S, NT’s and other staff on shift,
Reporting patient concerns and changes to the supervisor and or supervisor on time.
Productivity Standards:
May be required to work extra hours with added extra pay
May be required to work on religious and holidays on scheduled shifts
Regular attendance and reporting to work is a requirement.
Skills and abilities:
Ability to speak, read and write and comprehend English
Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
Ability to reach stipulated deadlines in a detailed manner
Email us at: to apply today!
Come join us for the exemplary healthcare experience!
Improvements on a current online advert 
The online advertisement on their website is more career-oriented as opposed to being all-rounded and comprehensive regarding what it has to offer to the nurse applying for the job. Most of the focus is on what the nurse is being hired to do and what is expected of them. I would improve on it by offering the eye-catching information about the facility and give the applicant the urge to want to work with the facility without necessarily focusing on the responsibilities and tasks (Stevens & Szmerekovsky, 2010). Nursing, as much as it demanding and noble, should also be enjoyable and fun such that it enables the nurse to enjoy and truly dedicate and commit themselves to their career. 
Other incentives such as an attractive package and advances in career should be included in the advertisement (Stevens & Szmerekovsky, 2010). This gives motivation to the nurse. Other opportunities such as awards and offering tuition reimbursement as included in my advertisement are also a great motivation for the nurse applicant that generally improves performance in the workplace. Nurses that do not meet all the requirements should not be left out but should be vetted according to their experience as this plays a major role in applying skills and providing health care as required by the hospital’s guidelines and the responsible accredited institutions.
Besides the newspaper, I would also employ the use of the hospital’s website and create social platforms to get the advertisement across. Such platforms include radio stations, social media, and the use of referrals through verbal and written platforms. This way, word gets around faster and better especially for applicants who are not able to access newspapers for any reason whatsoever (Hassan, Ahmad Nadzim & Shiratuddin, 2015)

Hassan, S., Ahmad Nadzim, S. Z., & Shiratuddin, N. (2015). Strategic use of social media for small business based on the AIDA model. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 172, 262-269.
Stevens, C. D., & Szmerekovsky, J. G. (2010). Attraction to employment advertisements: Advertisement wording and personality characteristics. Journal of Managerial Issues, 107-126.

Advertisement for an RN position at Troy Regional Medical Center


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