Aesthetics Videos Questions

Aesthetics Videos Questions.

Assignment Criteria: Write a paragraph formatted response to the following prompts… [Please do not include prompts in your submitted work.]

For this assignment, rather than participating in a class discussion, you will write a 600 word response to the following prompts. Please remember to incorporate knowledge, vocabulary and evidence from this week’s AND last week’s content to support your own original ideas. YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE IN formal English, with a clear and logical presentation of ideas, citation of any quotes, ideas, images or videos borrowed from other sources than yourself. The majority of this writing should be your own, not copied/pasted quotes info from lecture content and the internet.


Take a look at the three videos in this week’s “Aesthetics” tab:

1. How are each of the choreographers utilizing the five core elements of dance (body, space, time, energy, and relationship) to express themes and ideas when partnering movement with Stravinsky’s score? Please identify each section you mention with a timestamp (2:24-2:34, for example).


2. What is important to each of these choreographers in terms of movement? Do you feel a choreographer is exploring certain elements more than others? Explain by describing your ideas and giving evidence of specific examples (via timestamps) to support your statements.


3. How does each choreographer use the music?


4. How do the different choices made by each choreographer impact your viewing experience? Give at least three examples of ways in which the choreographer used body, space, time, energy and relationship in ways you found particularly compelling or intriguing. What surprised you?

Three videos:

Aesthetics Videos Questions


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