AIU Women and World War II Most Iconic Images of WW II Discussion

AIU Women and World War II Most Iconic Images of WW II Discussion.

Assignment Details

Women and World War II

One of the most iconic images of World War II is the famous “We Can Do It!” with the image details found here and the creation of Rosie the Riveter character detailed in this History channel presentation. Images like this represented an important moment in encouraging women to take up roles that had, prior to World War II, been solely for men.

To help with your Discussion Board post, you can read more about American women during World War II.

Also, explore images of the roles of women in World War II.

Imagine that your grandmother or great grandmother was one of the women who entered the workforce during World War II. Discuss what you think her service meant to her. Explain how you think she felt when, after World War II, she was expected to go back to being a housewife. How do you think this time in history affected women’s role in society in general and in the workplace today? If you actually have a female family member who served in World War II, please share her experiences!

Feel free to use images in your post by including a link to the image—click the Insert/Edit Image icon or select “Upload Attachments” when you respond to the Discussion Board. Images in JPEG format work well, but the Discussion Board will accept other formats, as well.

References Staff. (2010). Rosie the riveter. Retrieved from…

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The Library of Congress. (2017, October 31). Rosie pictures: Select images relating to American women workers during World War II. Prints and Photographs Reading Room. Retrieved from…

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Grading Rubric

Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriptor Points
Quality of Main Post

20 Points
Student’s main post meets or exceeds the following requirements:

  • Responds completely to all of parts of discussion question (5 points)
  • Communicates content information accurately and/or logically (5 points)
  • Delivers a thoughtful response demonstrating insights and reflections (5 points)
  • Connects to both key content concepts and personal experiences (5 points)
/20 pts.
Response to Peers

16 Points

Responds to a minimum of 2 peers (8 points per response)

  • Substantive response (4 points)
  • Furthers the conversation with peers. Examples could include (4 points):

    • Provides additional resources
    • Connects to key concepts
    • Shares personal or professional experiences
    • Contributes new information or perspective
    • Presents a competing viewpoint
/16 pts.
Support from Learning Resources

2 Points

At least one post refers to course learning resources. /2 pts.
Professional Writing

2 points

Response is well-organized, clear, and free of grammatical and mechanical errors.

Posts demonstrate courtesy and respect for others.

/2 pts.
Total 40 points possible /40 pts.

AIU Women and World War II Most Iconic Images of WW II Discussion


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