Alabama State University Resume Thank You and Cover Letter Paper

Alabama State University Resume Thank You and Cover Letter Paper.

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Your job packet will include the following items. Please put each portion on its own page (ex: do not put the job posting and the thank you note on the same page). Put everything in a Word or PDF document – I will not accept any other form. Be sure to submit in it Canvas, not via email.

1) Job Posting: Attach the job posting with your packet for the position that you are applying for showing the job requirements for the position. You can copy and paste this into a Word document, or you can use the snipping tool on your computer.

2) Cover Letter: This should be tailored to the specific ad you chose. Address the letter to the person who posted the ad and if there is not a name listed, see if you can contact the company to find the name of the appropriate person. The content should not repeat what is contained in the resume – it should identify the specific job for which you are applying, highlight the qualifications that make you a good candidate for the position, and contain a request for an opportunity to be interviewed.

3) Résumé: Your resume is a very personal sales tool that should be kept current. You’ll find a variety of sample resumes in class and should practice using different samples until it looks professional and reads well. The resume should be no longer that one page (two pages are recommended only if you already have extensive professional experience in the field of your choice).

4) References: Identify three individuals who would provide positive recommendations for you. Include their names, telephone numbers, and relationship to you. This is separate from your resume but should be printed on the same paper, in the same font and style, and with the same headings or personal letterhead. You would not mail this to a potential employer unless they requested references.

5) Thank-You Letter: This should be tailored to the interview that you had with the hiring manager of your position. The letter should highlight your top qualification for the position of interest, but not be a restatement of your resume.

Resume Clinic: During our “Resume Clinic” you will have the opportunity to get feedback on your resume and cover letter. Remember that a resume is ALWAYS a work-in-progress and your cover letter should be tailored to the position that you are applying (this document is not a one size fits all). By the time you hand in your final package, I do expect your resume and cover letter to be completely free of typos and grammatical errors, just as they must be when you send them to a prospective employer.

Alabama State University Resume Thank You and Cover Letter Paper


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