American Government Public Policy Discussion

American Government Public Policy Discussion.

What to do:

  • Read the chapters in their entirety, take notes or annotate if that helps you
  • Read the questions, make sure you understand them and the concepts indicated before attempting a response.
  • You MUST cite from the text in your responses. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction per question/response.
  • Find real world example(s) (e.g. web search) to use in your response, this shows me you can understand the concept enough to apply Please quote/cite properly.
  • You should be writing at least half a page per response. No penalty for writing more
  • 12 point font, double spaced
  • Grading will be based on your responses and whether they reflect that you did the reading, whether you understood it properly and showed understanding through application of examples.

please copy and paste the questions into your doc and answer them in separate paragraphs per the following:

Chapter 16 and 17 questions (still need you to cite to the text properly, need page or section numbers as well as provide examples):

Chapter 16 – Domestic Policy (see 16.1)

1. How does the text define public policy? Can you provide an example from the chapter other than related to health care policy?

Chapter 17 – Foreign Policy (see 17.1)

1. According to the text, what is diplomacy? When in a diplomatic relationship with another nation, there could arise an incident requiring soft power and/or hard power. Using an example to illustrate your points, when would you use soft power and when would you resort to hard power?


American Government Public Policy Discussion


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