American International University Competencies in Consulting Discussion

American International University Competencies in Consulting Discussion.

Question Description

Competencies in Consulting

To be a consulting professional, you must possess certain competencies, including knowledge, behaviors, and skills beyond technical ability. To be successful, you must also be rigorous in your ability to analyze the nuances of ethical situations and to apply the foundations of organizational psychology and higher order thinking to assess and diagnose problematic situations.

What behaviors and skills do you believe are necessary to effectively work as a practitioner for change in organizations? What attitudes toward client work help a consulting professional become successful, and what attributes or personal qualities are essential for this kind of work?

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Think about which competencies are critical for OD practitioners, and how these competencies might benefit practitioners and clients.
  • Also consider how competencies might support ethical interventions within an organization.

By Day 3

  • Identify five critical competencies needed by an OD practitioner, and explain why you selected these competencies.
  • Explain how the competencies you selected will benefit both the practitioner and the client.
  • Suggest one competency you think an OD consultant must possess to be effective at ethical interventions. Explain why you selected this competency.

Required Readings

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Wooten, K. C. (2008). Ethical issues facing O.D. in new paradigm organizations: Back to the future. Organization Development Journal, 26(4), 11–23.

American International University Competencies in Consulting Discussion


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