ART 9B UC Irvine Prephase to Moral Final Exam Questions

ART 9B UC Irvine Prephase to Moral Final Exam Questions.


  1. Pick one of the prompts below and write a response between 500-750 words in length.
  2. The essay should include at least two citations to materials assigned in this course. Outside sources are not required. This assignment is not a research essay. Please put your citations in footnote format. Citations should include author, title, page number.
    • Why? Because in academic writing, reliance on authoritative sources adds weight to whatever argument the writer seeks to make.
    • Why? Because in a test situation, graders like to see that you have familiarity with material assigned during the course.
    • Don’t know how to format footnotes? Here is the link to the two citation systems I recommend. The Turabian system and the University of Chicago system are nearly identical. The websites linked below organize the material in different ways; so, consult the one you find more readable: (Links to an external site.) OR (Links to an external site.)
  3. Essays should look like an essay: intro, body paragraphs, conclusion. Your thesis should be clear and easy to follow (and, presumably, reflect the language used in the prompt). Suggestion: Underline your thesis so the TA doesn’t have to wonder which sentence! Second Suggestion: in a test essay, its advisable to keep intro and conclusion paragraphs brief and to the point. But don’t omit them entirely.
  4. Open the file “Essay Answer SheetPreview the document” and type your answer below the prompts. If you don’t use Word, you may cut and paste the prompt into the answer you do use.

ART 9B UC Irvine Prephase to Moral Final Exam Questions


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