ASTR 103 University of Alaska Colonization and Terraforming Astronomy Journal Entry

ASTR 103 University of Alaska Colonization and Terraforming Astronomy Journal Entry.

Question Description

Let’s have an informative discussion on Mercury, Venus, and Mars ( and the Moon too) and what to discuss the plans for humans to live on the inner planets and the Moon. ( Save the moons of the outer planets for later.)

  • What is your favorite choice for colonization and why?
  • What is terraforming and which planets would be a candidate?
  • What can you learn from games like ‘Terraforming Mars’ or TV shows like Expanse?
  • Reflect upon at least four Learning Objectives….. Process your notes so you learn. Write out in paragraphs details and what you thought about the learning objective. Put the most interesting or what is the most confusing to give you a way to really learn the material. You chose what is important to reflect upon and to put into your brain and your journal. It needs to be more than one or two sentences. I would like to see four or five sentences of reflection for each of the minimum four learning objectives.
    • LO1 Characterize the orbit of Mercury around the Sun. OS 9.5
    • LO2 Describe Mercury’s structure and composition. OS 9.5
    • LO3 Describe the topography and features of Mercury’s surface. OS 9.5
    • LO4 Be familiar with Mercury’s strange rotation. OS 9.5
    • LO5 Compare the rotations of Mars and Venus. OS 10.1 p 340
    • LO6 Describe the general geology of Venus. 10.2
    • LO7 Look at the composition and structure of the Venus atmosphere and explain why Earth does not have a similar atmosphere. OS page 347
    • LO8 Explain how the greenhouse effect has led to high temperatures on Venus. OS10.3
    • LO9 Discuss the main missions to explore Mars.OS0.4
    • LO10 Describe the various features found on the surface of Mars. OS10.4
    • LO11 Describe the composition of the atmosphere on Mars. OS 10.5
    • LO 12 Describe the ice caps on Mars. OS 10.5
    • LO 13 Compare and describe the evidence for water on Mercury, Venus, and Mars. OS 10.5

ASTR 103 University of Alaska Colonization and Terraforming Astronomy Journal Entry


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