Auburn University Climate Disasters in California Discussion

Auburn University Climate Disasters in California Discussion.

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work 1

Read the attached Case Study, Patagonia: A Sustainable Outlook on Business, then thoroughly answer the questions at the end of the document.

Please follow these basic guidelines as grades are based on how well the student complies with following these instructions:

Responses must be organized and identify clear headings (i.e. Question #1, Question #2, question 3.)

Each response is to demonstrate comprehension of the subject matter

The responses clearly relate to each question, and are to include supporting details and/or examples

Provide personal perspective and position, when necessary

Answers should objectively reflect upon own analysis of the Company’s corporate strategy

In addition, the Case Study Paper requires well constructed paragraphs, using proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. (please use Grammarly on this assignment). Must be no less than one and a half (1 1/2) full double-spaced pages, but no more than three (3) pages long. Either 11-point or 12-point font size throughout is acceptable. Please cite all sources used for your paper (there are a number of sources identified at the end of the attached case study document for your consideration).

This is where you will submit your Word Document for the Case Study Assignment.

work 2

Research an article (from a newspaper, magazine, internet site) of a current Sustainability (Environmental) story (the event must have occurred within the past six months). The story can be either positive or negative.

Provide a recap of the article, identifying the critical points made by the author along with your main takeaways. Requirements for the paper include:

Start your paper with a powerful opening sentence

Add something unique from your perspective

Keep the message simple; clarity is key

Explain what the article is about

Explain why people should care

Provide a powerful conclusion

The paper must also include a link to the article, or identify the source where the story appeared, the published date, the author, along with any other relevant information citing the source.

Your “Sustainability News to Know” paper is to be no less than one full double-spaced page, but no more than two pages long. You are to use either 11 pt. or 12 pt. font and expected to use proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation (please use Grammarly for this assignment).

work 3

Read case study, “Succession Management at General Electric”.

Answer case questions 1-3.

work 4

Read case study, “Hiring FBI Agents” located on page 325

Answer case questions 1-3 on page 325

Auburn University Climate Disasters in California Discussion


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