Bethel University Forming a Sisterhood Chain Discussion

Bethel University Forming a Sisterhood Chain Discussion.

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In this forum, you will be discussing Antoinette G. VanZelm’s “Forming a Sister Chain” from Tennessee Women, Volume 2. (Attached). Your post should include your reflections on the readings and can engage the content. (No references outside of the reading.

As you are thinking about your posts for these readings, it may be helpful to think about the following questions, though you should in no way feel limited to discussing these points.

    1. THESIS: What is this reading’s thesis? Does it have one major point? Or multiple points?
    2. IMPORTANCE: WHY does this thesis matter? How does this book complement or challenge the thesis presented in other works that we have read?
    3. EVIDENCE: What evidence does the author use to support his/her thesis? What types of evidence? How does this evidence connect to the thesis and any sub-points?
    4. COGENCY AND CRITIQUE: What is MOST convincing about this book’s use of evidence? What is LEAST convincing? Where might it have been improved? How might you have improved it?
    5. RELEVANCY: Would this thesis have been relevant if the author had been looking elsewhere, at another group of individuals, at another community, at another time period?

After you have posted your response, you will then briefly engage in dialogue with your classmates’ posts, providing a minimum of two replies.

Each of your discussion posts will be graded using the rubric linked to the discussion. In order to receive full credit on each of these discussions, you should proofread your words before posting them. You should engage in scholarly and professional discourse. You should use your posts to advance a thesis and support that thesis with evidence from the reading(s).

Bethel University Forming a Sisterhood Chain Discussion


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