Bethesda University Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology Access Questions

Bethesda University Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology Access Questions.

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Please cite your sources in all cases. For example, (Ortiz, Class Notes, Sept. 9, 2019) or (Potter, 2019, p. 11).

The answers receiving the best scores will thoughtfully tie together references to the text, our class discussions and include your personal and relevant examples. If you do not cite a source, you will not receive credit.

Aim for at least 270/300 words.

1- Clearly we are living in an information-saturated world. Name and describe ways in which our lives are better because everyone has access to so much information. Name and describe ways in which our lives are not as good as before when there was not so much information available? Given all the advantages and disadvantages of living in an information-saturated world, do you think we are better off or worse off today compared to people living in a time with less information? Explain your response.

2- Explain what it means to say media literacy is a continuum, not a category. Which of the eight stages on the media literacy continuum do you think is your “home” stage? Provide justification for your choice. Where would you like to be on the continuum?

3- As an up and coming communication scholar, you have been asked to speak to a group of parents about children and media use. You have decided to make three major points. What are they? And, provide two sentences of support for each. (At least one of the major points should be connected to the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma.)

4- We have discussed that becoming more media literate helps us to distinguish between the real world and the world manufactured by the media. How does media literacy do this? What is an example of someone or something that you feel is portrayed inaccurately by the mass media? What might be some of the consequences of this misleading depiction?

5- Begin by explaining the difference between the concepts of mass audience and niche audience. Identify three niche audiences to which you belong (based on lifestyle, location, demographics, etc.) Provide an example of media content that you believe targets each group.

Bethesda University Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology Access Questions


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