BIO 210 CSU Global Campus Childhood Mental Disorders Paper

BIO 210 CSU Global Campus Childhood Mental Disorders Paper.

Question Description

Your Portfolio Project for this class is a Community Action Plan designed to alleviate or correct a public health issue in your community. Your community can be your business, school, neighborhood, town or city of residence or birth, or county.

For option 2, your Community Action Plan will be a professional portfolio that includes a written report and a handout.

Below is a useful site where you can find an example of the elements of an action plan. (Links to an external site.)

Preliminary Deliverables: These deliverables must be submitted in the assigned week:

  • Week 2: Written Response and Project Selection (20 points): Provide a brief one-paragraph response indicating which assignment option and public health issue you have selected and why. This will help your instructor to be aware of your plans and support you with development of this project. Upload your response as a Word document.
  • Week 7: Preliminary Written Report and Peer Review Feedback (30 points) Submit a preliminary (rough) draft of the written portion of your portfolio project as well as proof of peer review. Remember to include the following sections: introduction, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, cure and summary. Peer review feedback is also included in this assignment. Create a post that includes your written report as an attachment using the Portfolio Project Milestone discussion forum for peer review feedback. Provide feedback to at least one of your classmates. Choose a classmate with no other feedback first, to ensure that everyone receives some feedback from their peers. In this preliminary draft submission, indicate which project you responded to.

Final Paper Instructions:

  • Your case study should have four sections: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention. Each section should be about a page in length. Your entire paper must be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages, which must be included. Your paper must follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.)
    • In the Symptoms section, describe the public health issue that you have observed in your community. What “symptoms” does it exhibit? Think about whom it affects, where it affects them, and how (Refer back to Module 5, CT 1).
    • In the Diagnosis section, discuss the causes of the issue and give examples of other communities that have suffered the same problem. How did those communities solve or attempt to address the issue?
    • In the Cure section, discuss possible options for a cure for this public health issue. How can you eradicate it or reduce its occurrence in your community?
    • In the Prevention section, discuss possible options for prevention of the public health issue that you have selected. How can you reduce the chance of people being impacted by your issue in the future?
  • You must back up your sections using at least two scholarly articles. You may use readings other than the textbook to meet this requirement. The paper should be based on references to scholarly materials (rather than on introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings, for example) and should support your claims with evidence.
  • Incorporate into this final plan any classmates’ critiques that you found useful, as well as your instructor’s feedback. Identify the key community members or partners that you plan on contacting, with an explanation why these individuals or organizations make sense as potential partners. This could include partners from your list of potential partners created in Week 4 Critical Thinking Assignment Option #1 or your interview of one key partner completed in Week 4 Critical Thinking Option #2. Incorporate them into a discussion of your plan; do not just list them.
  • Your case study should include a special emphasis on either the demographics of the affected population or the economic implications, depending on what Critical Thinking assignment you completed for Week 5.
  • You should also include a realistic timeline for your plan. Discuss the time needed for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation. Use ideas developed through Week 6 Critical Thinking Assignments, from either the annotated bibliography or the feedback on your detailed outline.

Final Instructions for the Handout:

  • The handout that you will distribute to audience members describes the problem in your community and your action plan.
  • You may design this as an outline of your presentation or as a brochure, with highlighted key points, to accompany your presentation.
  • The purpose of this handout is twofold: to educate the audience about the issue and to help them follow along as you speak. Keep in mind that, in real life, you will have limited time to convince people of the gravity of the situation and to come on board with their support. As such, you want to be persuasive and get to the key points quickly and effectively.
  • Your handout must be supported by at least two scholarly articles.
  • You may use the readings other than the textbook for this course.

Note: Be sure to submit both your written report and your handout for this assignment. Both files should be uploaded in a single submission to the assignment submission page.

The paper and preliminary deliverables must be well written and formatted in conformity with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).


BIO 210 CSU Global Campus Childhood Mental Disorders Paper


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