Boston University Analyzing an Engineering Lab Report Memorandum

Boston University Analyzing an Engineering Lab Report Memorandum.

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Project 3: Memorandum

Analyzing a Lab Report

Please print out assignment guidelines and read out loud before drafting.

Final Draft Word Count and Setup Requirement:

  • Polished, properly formatted, 2-page memorandum
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Single-spaced lines
  • 3rd person point of view


Analyze a sample lab report provided by your instructor to determine the extent to which the lab report successfully accomplishes its required tasks. Then write your findings in a 2-page memorandum (memo) addressed to your course instructor.


This assignment is designed to familiarize you with basic elements of engineering and science lab reports and to teach you how to construct a memo for business use. Analyze the lab report provided by your instructor and then write a memo detailing your analysis. The final draft of the memo should include the following sections and information:

Heading: A standard memo heading section that contains To, From, Subject, Date.

Introduction: Begin the memo’s content section by clearly stating why the memo has been written and what topic the memo will discuss. This is an overview section and usually not more than two or three sentences in length.

Findings or Results: After analyzing the lab report, arrange your results so the most important points are discussed first in the memo. This will be the longest section of the memo and will likely require several clear and concise paragraphs. Here are some questions to consider as you determine the extent to which the lab report successfully accomplishes its required tasks:

Does the lab report:

  • contain a complete cover page, abstract, and sections detailing the experimental procedure, data/results, questions/discussion, conclusion?
  • clearly define its purpose?
  • clearly describe the problem that led to the lab experiment/test?
  • appear to clearly explain the lab experiment’s limitations?
  • discuss any theory necessary for a reader to understand the lab experiment/test and lab report findings?
  • describe the apparatus used to collect data for the lab report?
  • describe the procedure used to collect data for the lab report?
  • clearly provide results of the lab’s experiment/test?
  • appear to properly interpret the stated results of the lab’s experiment/test?
  • appear to make proper conclusions from the interpretations?
  • provide recommendations based on the lab report’s findings?

Conclusions and Recommendations: This section of the memo will state your most significant recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the lab report; this section will probably be a single paragraph in length.

WHY: This assignment strengthens your ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate main ideas when determining the quality of a lab report’s presentation. It demonstrates writing as a process that requires substantive revision, and it promotes communication skills aimed at a specific audience about a particular subject within the context of a lab report while advancing your understanding of your strengths as a writer of effective business documents.

Knowing how to write a professional memo is beneficial in other ways, too:

  • Memos have retained a place in the business world because writers often need a more formal document than an email, or other form of communication, can provide. Brevity, clarity, and professionalism are vital in effectively communicating information and needs.
  • Memos can be made available to many people other than the intended recipient; for this reason, it is important to understand how to use them in an effective and productive manner.
  • Memos can be a challenge since much of our daily communication relies on body language and voice tone, two things which are not available via memo formatting. As a result, word choice and presentation are of vital importance in communicating needs and ideas.
  • This type of business writing is a way for your instructor to assess your skills of organization, critical thinking, and grammar/punctuation and your understanding of basic components used in technical lab reports and in a common form of written business communication.

Academic Integrity Resources:

Please view this link to learn how to format in-text citations or make a references page: (Links to an external site.)

Boston University Analyzing an Engineering Lab Report Memorandum


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