Brite Wk 2 Theory of Non Violent & Violent Forms in Drug Markets Discussion

Brite Wk 2 Theory of Non Violent & Violent Forms in Drug Markets Discussion.

Question Description

Please write 500-700 words for each response! Do not exceed 750. You are permitted to refer to the course book as a reference, however, at no time is a student to quote any aspects of the book, verbatim. It must be in your own words.

1.) First, after reflecting upon Alice Goffman’s (2009) article, “On the Run,” please identify and describe at least one specific example of how aggressive policing tactics impede the quality of relationships for residents who live in poor African American neighborhoods. Next, in your opinion, assuming that Goffman’s (2009) observation is correct, are aggressive policing tactics justified in apprehending low-risk offenders, even if they erode the social fabric of at-risk communities? Take a position either way and fully defend it. Please be sure to fully elaborate. Next, after reading Jeffrey Ian Ross’ (2012) article, please identify and respond to at least one of his criticisms of the incarceration experience that you believe may, at least potentially, have some merit. Provide, at least one meaningful suggestion as to how this particular aspect of the incarceration experience can be more conductive to treatment and rehabilitation. Be sure to elaborate. Next, after reflecting upon Virginia McKenna’s (2010) article, what does it mean, in your own words, to be “blinded by the star”? In your opinion is this prevalent in law enforcement; and if so, what, if anything can be done to prevent this? If you believe that it is, in reality, quite rare for criminal justice practitioners to be “blinded by the “star,” please fully support your position.

2.) First, after reading and reflecting upon Worley and Worley’s (2013) article, “Inmate Public Autoerotism Uncovered,” which neutralization strategy, in you opinion, best explains why some inmates persist in exposing themselves inappropriately to female correctional facilities? Be sure to fully elaborate. Next, please provide at least one original justification (or “neutralization”) of your own which might provide insights as to why some inmates decide to engage in this type of sexual misconduct. In other words, come up with your own unique explanation, which is not identified in the article, that might allow some inmates to give themselves permission to commit what are essentially sex offenses. Next, after reflecting upon Marquart and colleagues (2001) article, “Fatal Attraction,” in your own words, please identify and describe what you believe to be important differences between employees who engage in boundary violations out of lovesickness versus employees who have predatorial motivations. It must be evident that you have an in-depth understanding of both concepts. Finally, in your own words, point to at least one aspect of Worley’s (2016) article, Memoirs of a Guard-Researcher where he develops the burgeoning “economics of crossing over” thesis. Be sure to fully elaborate. It must be evident that you have a clear understanding of all three of the research articles and are able to make appropriate references to all three throughout your response.

3.) In your own words, please describe what a snowball sample is and how it is beneficial to locate hard-to-reach research subjects. Next, please reflect upon Wright and colleagues’ (1992) article, “A Snowball’s Chance in Hell,” and identify two of the challenges these researchers faced in interviewing active offenders. Please be specific, and also discuss how Wright and colleagues dealt with both of these challenges. Next, consider Scott Jacques’ (2010) article, “The Necessary Conditions for Retaliation.” In what ways did Jacques’ (2010) sample differ from the sample obtained by Wright et al. (1992)? After reading and reflecting upon Jacques’ article, what unique challenges do you believe he may have faced in interviewing the research subjects in his sample? Be sure to fully elaborate. Also, what insights does Jacobs (2012) give into offender decision-making in his discussion of carjacking? In your opinion, does Jacobs’ study provide any meaningful data that can be utilized by law enforcement to prevent carjackings before they occur? Take a position either way and support it. Be sure to refer to specific aspects of the article to bolster your position. Finally, please make one meaningful connection between any two of the above articles. Explain why this connection between both article, in particular, is important to our understanding of street life in large metropolitan areas. It should be evident from reading your response that you have a clear understanding and familiarity with the articles you are referring to.

Brite Wk 2 Theory of Non Violent & Violent Forms in Drug Markets Discussion


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