Brookdale Community College President United States Issue Advocacy Letter

Brookdale Community College President United States Issue Advocacy Letter.

This assignment is an exercise in writing an advocacy letter to an official relevant to your issue. The letter is to be one page single-spaced in length. The first step in this assignment is to choose an issue to write on. Although your choice must be relevant and your letter written with the highest standards and proper language, the issue you pick is entirely up to you and the choices are numerous. After choosing an issue, you must do some research so that you can demonstrate in your letter that you know something about the subject matter. You may draw on newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. Make sure, however, that you draw on material that is current. The parameters of issues are always changing, and a story written two or three years ago is probably not going to be of much value to your research today. The key to a successful advocacy letter is to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject, along with clearly stating your position on how you feel about the matter.The second step is to identify the proper “target” of your letter. Once you have identified the proper target of your letter, you need to find the complete mailing address for that person. The third step is to write your letter in a professional manner. To do this your letter must meet the following format requirements: 1) It must be typed/word processed, single-spaced, with 1 inch margins; 2) It must have the date at the upper-left corner of the letter; 3) The complete name and address of the person you are writing to will be placed in the upper-left corner one line below the date; 4) Your name and address will be placed in the upper-right corner or centered; 5) You must begin your letter with a proper salutation (ex: “Dear President Trump:”, “Dear Governor Murphy:”, etc.).Upon completing your letter you will hand it in to me to review. After I have reviewed your letter and made corrections, I will give you a grade for your first effort. You will then revise your letter consistent with my corrections, as well as place one copy of your final draft in an envelope with the proper address and postage, and seal it up so that I can mail it. I will then give you an additional grade for your second effort. Make sure that you give me both your original draft and two revised copies of your letter. Should you get a response from the official you have written to, I would like you to bring it into class so that we can all share it together.

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Brookdale Community College President United States Issue Advocacy Letter


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