C 159 UCLA United States and China Relations Research Paper

C 159 UCLA United States and China Relations Research Paper.

Please write a research paper based on one of the topics:

  • The technological China
  • China’s Rise and the Global Order
  • US – China Relations
  • Chinese media and political communication

The paper should be 10-12 pages in length, 12’ font, double spaced.

Since the topics listed are big, you should narrow it down to a manageable small topic by focusing on one aspect of the topic, studying one or a couple similar cases, or in any other way to shrink it down to allow enough analysis of your own for that topic. For instance, if you choose the topic on Chinese media and soft power building, you could focus on the political communication on social media, or even just a few cases on social media to make your point. In this case, your paper should not provide broad and general introduction of Chinese media or China’s soft power drive, but focusing on examining, say, how developments of social media has changed China’s political communication, or state-society relation. This is only an example to explain what it means to “narrow down” and be analytical instead of descriptive.

In the paper, you will need to generate a central argument, and organize your materials and analyses accordingly to prove the argument. Please avoid lengthy background and historical introduction unless they are central to your argument. Please also avoid making big empty statements without any support by evidence or listing out data without analysis.

C 159 UCLA United States and China Relations Research Paper


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