Cal Poly Pomona Organizational Structure Types Research Paper

Cal Poly Pomona Organizational Structure Types Research Paper.

I need a research question about Organizational Structure for two pages. And need find an article in school library website.

And here is my introduction:

All businesses have employees working at different levels of responsibility as a whole the number of employees in each level will depend on the business’s organizational structure. It is important to determine who takes responsibility for decision-making, who reports to who and who to blame when things mess up or who gets the pat on the back if things go well. Hierarchical structure is typical in large companies where each level of employee reports upwards and each level has a narrow span of controlling the downside of this type of structure. This means that it can often lead to significantly slower communication and decision-making. A flat organizational structure has much less levels of hierarchy and wider spans of control this means employees at each level can communicate with managers more easily and quickly. In order to work in a company, the first thing the employee should do is know their organizational structure and who is in charge. Most of the companies use a well-designed structure that lists management positions, and who is responsible for tasks and operations. These days, the constant change of the business environment has a direct impact on the strategic goals and forces leaders to consider the business organization structure and adjust accordingly. Organizational structure is the framework used in a company to divide the processes and activities to complete business operations. When the company has an organizational structure, the rights and obligations of each member in that structure are clearly defined, properly performed their responsibilities and investigated the right people when problems occur. Building and maintaining an organizational chart is one of the important and strategic elements of a business plan, no matter how big or growing your business is. It is a powerful tool that unifies people to achieve successful results. Moreover, organizational structure can help companies improve their business decisions by sending the information to the managers and employees for completing the companies functions.

Cal Poly Pomona Organizational Structure Types Research Paper


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