Catholic Health Services of Long Island Chemistry for Health Essay

Catholic Health Services of Long Island Chemistry for Health Essay.

4 pages

Need help to write scripts for an imaginary court case to decide whether to allow genetic modification of a human embryo related to a serious health issue and reflect on the role of ethics in such decision making.

Step 1. Research

Select and research a congenital disorder, such as Brunner syndrome. Find out the cause, the consequences, and the limitations of existing treatment.

Step 2. Write , Compose the following:

  • An opening speech to be delivered to a jury on behalf of two parents who want to use gene editing on their embryo. (1 page)
  • A speech to be delivered by the lawyers for the other side, who oppose the use of gene editing on human embryos. (1 page)
  • Testimony to be given by an expert witness who provides information to the jury about the science of the congenital condition you have chosen, the mechanism of gene editing, and how the gene editing would be expected to help the embryo. The speech should include a reference to the formation of peptide bonds between amino acids. (1 page)
  • Step 3. Reflect

    Reflect on why ethics should be a part of decision making about scientific advancements and human health. How can science be balanced with other factors when arguing points related to human health?

    Catholic Health Services of Long Island Chemistry for Health Essay


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