CHDEV 001 East LA College Infant & Toddler Development Reflections Discussion

CHDEV 001 East LA College Infant & Toddler Development Reflections Discussion.

First Two Years of Life Discussion

First Two Years of Life – Infant and Toddler Development

Prerequisites: Reviewing Modules 5, 6, 7

Biosocial, Cognitive & Emotional/Psychosocial Development: In this forum, you are to apply the ideas and terms in the chapters and enhance your knowledge. It also gives you the opportunity to have a scholarly discussion with your peers similar to the ones you have in a well-executed college classroom– which makes a big difference in your enjoyment and comprehension of the subject matter. Please follow directions.

Instructions: Review the Modules and Read Chapters 5, 6, and 7 – The First Two Years and also the Lectures, PowerPoints, videos in the Modules.

In at least 4 paragraphs of 8 sentences, summarize what you have learned about in each of these 3 chapters.

Paragraph 1 & 2 – What two things you found the most interesting information or key points in Chapters 5 & 6? For this question, make sure that you respond in two full paragraphs (each paragraph must have at least 8 sentences each- least means minimum and may qualify for average grade dependent on the content). In parenthesis be sure to include the page numbers, PPT or video that relate to each key term. Relate the terms to what you thought and learned about.

Paragraph 3 – Chapter 7, examines concepts of child and parent’s temperament, Goodness of Fit, Emotional development and social bonds. Look at the powerful Stages of Attachment and the signs of secure attachment or insecure attachment. Look at videos on Resilience. Answer all of these questions – What did you learn about attachment and impact on development? How does attachment influence our development and relationships for children and adults? Why is it so important to understand the concept of resilience?

Paragraph 4 – Which two video(s) did you like the most? Which key concept interested you the most and why? Why is all this knowledge so important to know as a parent, educator, or policymaker?


chapter 5:

chapter 6:

The benefits of a bilingual brain – Mia Nacamulli

chapter 7:

CHDEV 001 East LA College Infant & Toddler Development Reflections Discussion


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