City 10KT IND Effects Analysis A

City 10KT IND Effects Analysis A.

 Select a large international city that you know well – either by residence or multiple visits. Go to: (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Input the city into the tool, set the nuclear detonation for 10 kilotons, at the default surface burst, and “Detonate”. (Use the automated detonation location within the city as the blast site. Don’t move it around inside the city.) Task 1: Analyze the damage rings in detail. Then, using your local knowledge and publicly available research, write a reasonable assessment of the weapons detonation effects. Assess in terms of likely casualties ranges (dead and injured), and major public infrastructure destroyed or damaged. Task 2: Predict what likely survived just outside the major destruction rings and that is available nearby for an Emergency Manager to organize, use, and draw upon in the first 72 hours of a response. Specifically, assess the number and general location of still functioning response facilities on the perimeter of the damage rings. For example, how many hospitals, fire stations, possible shelter locations, are potentially still functional? Where is / are the nearest transportation hubs that likely are still useable (e.g. airports, waterway or seaport facilities, rail stations, major interstate highway interchanges?) How many and how far away are the closest surviving large discount stores? Use your experience, training, and imagination. Task 3: In this situation, what would you look for, ask for, or send someone to check, for potentially pulling “into the fight” to save the injured, and do what you can to stabilize the situation as larger – scale response organizations and assets come to the area? Write a summary of your results discussing your thought processes, interim steps and findings and major conclusions regarding the immediate post – blast response situation. (7-10 pages).

City 10KT IND Effects Analysis A


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