Class Dicussion Philosophy Discussion

Class Dicussion Philosophy Discussion.

Question Description

1. Explain how Socrates uses his Socratic method to show that Meletus’ indictment is wrong.

2. Give an example of how increasing your awareness has made you freer.

Short response to this one

3. What is the difference between smart, being knowledgeable and being wise?

It is easy to see being smart, knowledgeable, and wise as the same thing. However, they are actually three quite different qualities. Being smart is the most concrete of the three. People have very little, if any, ability to alter their smartness. Being smart is something that people are born with. It relies on genetics as well as some nurture. It’s a person’s natural ability to problem solve and learn quickly and effectively. Having knowledge is different from being smart although they do overlap a bit. Knowledge is a choice. It is someone’s eagerness and effort to obtain and understand information. One doesn’t necessarily have to be smart to be knowledgeable although it is an advantage in gaining knowledge. Being wise requires knowledge but it also has a lot more to it. It doesn’t necessarily require intelligence and only having a lot of knowledge won’t make you wise. Wisdom is very complex. It takes time, effort, and hard work. People gain wisdom through learning and advancing their knowledge about the world, having different life experiences, and reason and think critically. Intelligence is only a small part of what it takes to be wise. Again, it helps but it is not the only solution. Being wise takes the most time and effort compared to both being knowledgeable and smart. These three words inter lap but what it takes to be smart, knowledgeable, or wise has a very different process.

Class Dicussion Philosophy Discussion


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