CMIS 320 UMUC Mom and Pop Johnson Video Store Database Video Rental Project

CMIS 320 UMUC Mom and Pop Johnson Video Store Database Video Rental Project.

Question Description

This assignment allows students to demonstrate their skills in the area of designing relational databases
to satisfy specific business rules and requirements. The deliverables for this assignment include an Entity
Relationship Diagram and detailed documentation describing the database design and structure.

In this assignment you will be provided with a description of an application (below) to create an entityrelationship diagram (ERD) and design accompanying table layout using sound relational modeling
concepts and practices. The relationships between the entities and the attributes for the entities will be
identified and described. This database will provide the foundation for the follow-on assignment. The
following paragraphs provide the background and summary of the business requirements.

1) Determine and list your entities. Then create relationship sentence pairs between those
entities that are related. You should not have any many-to-many relationships.

2) Create an entity/relationship diagram (ERD) showing all your entities, attributes, and
relationships. Sketch your ERD by hand or use a drawing program. Your diagram must be on a
single page. All entities should be related to at least one other entity. Your ERD should have all
one-to-many relationships and not have any many-to-many relationships.

3) Create metadata that describes the table created from each entity and the column created from
each attribute in the ERD. Particular attention will be given to the proper specification of
all primary key (via “PK”) and foreign key (via “FK”) columns in the table layouts. These should
match your ERD exactly

CMIS 320 UMUC Mom and Pop Johnson Video Store Database Video Rental Project


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