Coca Cola versus Walmart Social Media Policies Analysis

Coca Cola versus Walmart Social Media Policies Analysis.

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  • Perform an analysis of the social media policies (compare and contrast) of two companies. One of the companies must be the Coca-Cola Company.… (Links to an external site.)
  • The other you may select, keeping in mind that your choice should be a corporation rather than a small business. (You may choose one from the readings or research another that hasn’t been mentioned.) In either case, you will need to explore the second company’s website and also look for any relevant reviews of the policy online.
  • Length: 1 page minimum.
  • Remember to cite/reference all resources.
  • Guiding Questions. Note: Use these questions in formulating your approach and incorporating into the analysis. Do not address by simply ordering and/or responding 1, 2, 3. Make these questions a guiding factor in your analysis.
  1. Highlight the rules/procedures for social media activity for the Coca-Cola organization and its employees. Explain the value and intent of these rules and procedures.
  2. How and why do you think these are effective in guiding employees and preventing legal problems? When and why should they be updated periodically?
  3. How is one set of policies/procedures more effective/comprehensive than the other? Explain any omissions or limitations in either.
  4. Employee missteps can cause much damage to a company’s social media reputation and possibly impacting revenues. Over the last decade, many companies have combed through their policies, addressing the areas that may have been problems for others. Research to find at least one such misstep and analyze the impact and the correction. Try to compare this instance to the two companies (Coca-Cola and your own selection) you’ve examined and how this has been covered or whether it’s even an issue.

Coca Cola versus Walmart Social Media Policies Analysis


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