Colorado State University Domino Pizza Strategic Management Recommendations Paper

Colorado State University Domino Pizza Strategic Management Recommendations Paper.

Portfolio Outline (with Strategy Options)

This is the perfect point in the course to review the project and gain more knowledge about the strategy planning process. I attached the portfolio project. Just the outline is needed.

Incorporating everything that you have learned to date about your target company and analyzing that content will begin to reveal potential strategic options. (DOMINO’S PIZZA)

Make sure you understand and have documented long-term objectives or make assumptions about long-term objectives and identify them as assumptions. Use the table below to identify potential strategies.

Strategy Definition Examples
Forward Integration Gaining ownership or increased control over distributors or retailers Forward Integration—PayPal is pushing its services off the Web and into stores via an agreement with Discover card.
Backward Integration Seeking ownership or increased control of a firm’s suppliers Backward Integration—Fancy Motels Inc. acquiring a furniture manufacturer.
Horizontal Integration Seeking ownership or increased control over competitors. Horizontal Integration—Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline PLC acquired Human Genome Sciences Inc. for $3 billion.
Market Penetration Seeking increased market share for present products or services in present markets through greater marketing efforts. Market Penetration—PepsiCo is heavily advertising its new Diet Pepsi special-edition silver cans featuring the blue-and-red Pepsi logo in a heart shape.
Market Development Introducing present products or services into new geographic area. Market Development—China Petrochemical purchased three Canadian oil companies, Daylight Energy, Tanganyika Oil, and Syncrude Canada.
Product Development Seeking increased sales by improving present products or services or developing new ones. Product Development—General Electric is building new composite material jet engines, whereas rival Pratt & Whitney is developing newly designed jet engines.
Related Diversification Adding new but related products or services. Related Diversification—The toy retailer Toys ‘R Us developed a new Wi-fi tablet computer for children (the Tabeo for $149.99)
Unrelated Diversification Adding new, unrelated products or services. Unrelated Diversification—Retailer IKEA is opening a chain of motels in Europe.
Retrenchment Regrouping through cost and asset reduction to reserve declining sales and profit. Retrenchment—Callaway Golf cut 12 percent of its workforce; Deutsche Bank AG cut 1,000 jobs from its investment bank segment
Divestiture Selling a division or part of an organization. Divestiture—Dean Foods sold off its WhiteWave-Alpro organic dairy business
Liquidation Selling all of a company’s assets, in parts, for their tangible worth. Liquidation—Big Sky Farms, one of Canada’s biggest hog-producing forms, liquidated.

This week, develop and submit an outline of your Portfolio Project.

  • State your topic.
  • Detail the specifics on the company you chose.
  • Provide an outline of your paper.
  • Your outline should include headers (the major topics), major resources, and the intended flow of the information in the project.
  • Under each header, write a few sentences on what you think you might cover in that section.
  • Provide four scholarly articles that you might consider using for your final Portfolio Project. Give a short reason why each would be pertinent to your project.
    • This is not expected to be a final list. The goal here is to motivate you to begin examining research that might help you in your final Portfolio Project.
    • Add a reference section for your research sources.
  • Format your outline according to APA

Colorado State University Domino Pizza Strategic Management Recommendations Paper


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