CONE 101 Bethesda University Fire Outbreak at The Station Nightclub Book Report

CONE 101 Bethesda University Fire Outbreak at The Station Nightclub Book Report.

Question Description

Write a report about the book

Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America’s Deadliest Rock Concert, John Barylick, ISBN 978- 1611682656

Be sure that your report answers the following questions:

1. WHAT BOOK did you read (give a full bibliographic citation, attach after report as an appendix)?

2. WHAT HAPPENED in this book? WHAT was built, WHERE, WHEN? Give a short summary of the
structure(s)/city part/city and its intended functioning.

3. WHAT were the impacts of the fire? How did it impact the lives of people at the location where the fire
happened? How did it impact the structure of the building, the city/State where it occurred?

4. WHAT were the most important factors that led to the fire and loss of lives? Consider human and social
aspects of the decisions made, existing laws/regulations/requirements in place at the time of the fire,
business practices, ethics.

5. WHAT lessons did you learn from this book? How do they relate to existing buildings and building
codes? How are these lessons used to design, build, and operate current buildings?

6. HOW did the built environment influence survival in positive and negative ways? HOW innovative was
the design of this particular structure(s), in terms of its methods and/or materials of construction, in
terms of its environmental social impacts, and in terms of its use? Did it function in the way in which it
was intended?

7. Did YOU like this book? Would you recommend it to others? Produce a review of it as an object of
entertainment, perhaps using a review of a book in a magazine or newspaper as an example.

I expect that you will submit this information in a 6-8-page written report (not counting any front or back
matter). You should use space-and-a-half, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins all around.
Number your pages. Spelling, grammar, and presentation will be graded.


(The report should have headings for each section, as suggested below, do not write
using an essay format)
Front matter (cover page with your name and title of the book + additional page with the table of contents)
Introduction – include a brief summary and a hint as to your key observations. (This is a summary of your
report, not the description of the book, which will go in the next section)
Description – include item 2 above.
Impacts of the Fire – include item 3 above.
Most important factors influencing the fire and lessons learned – include item 4 above.
Relationship to builders’ place and time – include items 5 and 6 above.
Conclusions, to include your thoughts on, for example, whether a similar fire might happen today, and if so,
how the design, construction, and use of similar structures might be approached differently today, and any
particularly interesting thoughts or observations you have preventing a fire.
Back matter, including a reference list with complete bibliographic records for any sources including the
book you read, your review (item 7 above), and any other relevant information you wish to include.

Please make sure to follow all the requirements and the outline above, use at least 8 outside sources to support your report I will provide a good tip and review.

I have attached a checklist as well to make sure your report follow all the requirements.

CONE 101 Bethesda University Fire Outbreak at The Station Nightclub Book Report


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