Covid 19 Impacts and Recommendations Issue & Policy Challenges Discussion

Covid 19 Impacts and Recommendations Issue & Policy Challenges Discussion.

Question Description

Please help me with a 750-word (maximum) decision memo. A decision memo is a document that focuses a decision-maker (fictional newly-elected U.S. President) on a pressing problem (COVID-19) on which they need to take action, and it persuades the decision-maker using evidence and logic to take a particular action. In this decision memo, the decision-maker will be a fictional newly-elected U.S. president, and the pressing problem is COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To write a policy memo, one must “decide what the core problem is, create multiple options that address the problem, determine the criteria you will use to decide between them, discuss the trade-offs, and make a recommendation. Because all of this must be done in 750 words or less, the format MUST be concise and clear. A decision memo is basically a policy analysis compacted to fit a in small document.

Please pretend that your audience/decision-maker that you’re writing to is a newly-elected President of the U.S. Please adopt an audience-centered perspective in the memo as if writing to a newly-elected president.

Please use only quality academic, government, and journalistic sources. The Congressional Research Service (CRS), the World Health Organization, The Centers for Disease Control, the Department of State, and other federal entities are obvious good sources. News outlets and policy-focused journals (e.g., Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, World Policy Journal) will also be helpful.

I will include the “To” and “From” and “date” part of the memo. Please provide me with a subject line of the memo which serves as a functional title of the memo. Additionally, the decision memo MUST include the following five sections: an executive summary (similar to an abstract that encapsulated adequately the info contained in all the sections that follow), an overview of the issue & policy challenges associated therewith, alternatives to address the policy challenges, a discussion of trade-offs among the options, and your recommendation for the president with associated justification/rationale.

Please include a bibliography at the end of the document. The bibliography is not included in the word count.

You MUST go through the checklist below and ensure the memo meets the below requirements:

Checklist for the Decision Memo.

Document includes an Executive Summary that encapsulates adequately information contained in the sections that follow.

Document includes an Overview of the topic that demonstrates an adequate understanding of the topic and the policy challenges associated therewith.

Document includes a sufficiently broad list of Policy Options for the decision-maker to consider.

Document includes a brief but cogent Discussion of Trade-Offs associated with different policy options.

Document includes a Recommendation that includes a well-reasoned justification for the advice provided to the decision-maker.


Document is mindful of Audience. It is directed to an intelligent reader unfamiliar with the specifics of the topic. The author avoids unnecessary technical jargon.

Document is appropriately crafted. The author writes in short, precise sentences that are reader-centered.

Discussion throughout the document flows logically.

The document includes no grammar or spelling errors.

The document passes the Washington Post test


Document provides title & information appropriate for Memoranda.

Document is broken into sections, each having a clear purpose.

Covid 19 Impacts and Recommendations Issue & Policy Challenges Discussion


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