CSUEB Ethical Dilemma Business Ethics Case Study

CSUEB Ethical Dilemma Business Ethics Case Study.

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Throughout this course, you write a case study based on your own experience related to an ethical issue within an organization, or you may choose to write about an emerging ethical issue within your current or planned industry. The case study can be fully anonymous to protect those within your organization, and you may choose to identify your role in the case study or not. Your case study will be submitted for a grade in parts throughout the term with the entire final document as the last deliverable.

This week identify an ethical issue that either you have faced, or that has/is occurring within your organization or industry. Write no more than one and half page to describe the issue. Refer to the


2. Weekly Memo – Memo should be related to the discussions , assignment and should be one page(citations,references, APA not required).

Relate this weeks assignment and discussions to your work in office/organization.


1) When difficult ethical decisions need to be made in an organization, our text suggests several approaches and models. In the chapter 5 business challenge scenario, how might employee Madison work through her decision on how to handle her ethical dilemma? If Madison cannot report her problems to her immediate supervisor, what are some other ways she can handle the situation?(page 147 in textbook)

2)Identify your Personal Case Study topic for this course. Why did you choose it, what about this case interests you and what concepts covered in class so far may apply to your Personal Case Study?

Each discussion should have atleast 2 paragraphs, 2 inline citations, 2 references. Due by wednesday morning.

Plagiarism should be very minimal. I may ask for changes if required.

CSUEB Ethical Dilemma Business Ethics Case Study


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