Cuymaca College Health Safety and Nutrition for Young Children Discussion

Cuymaca College Health Safety and Nutrition for Young Children Discussion.

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Health and Safety as Curriculum

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Children in a preschool classroom are learning something new every day!

Health, safety and nutrition are very important concerns for teachers of young children.This semester you will all be creating a lesson plan that focuses on one of these three topics.

This week we have an opportunity to share some of the ideas for activities that focuses on one of these topics-health, safety or nutrition. This discussion will help you start to think about lesson planning that includes topics related to health, safety and nutrition.

  1. If you have been teaching, or volunteering or working in a preschool classroom, share an idea for an activity you have seen or used with young children. How did the children enjoy the activity and what did they learn?
  1. What kinds of basic health information have you seen teachers focus on with the children? Think about how teachers help children prevent illness, how they teach children to be safe, and how they help children learn about healthy foods.
  1. Look through your textbook. Can you find ideas for health, safety and nutrition lessons? What pages did you find the information?

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Cuymaca College Health Safety and Nutrition for Young Children Discussion


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