De Anza College How Covid 19 Affected African People Daily Life Discussion

De Anza College How Covid 19 Affected African People Daily Life Discussion.

I need an explanation for this Social Science question to help me study.

Write one paragraph about the Covid-19 effect African people’s daily life.

need a thesis sentence to include the paragraph.

example: contributed a paragraph how the pandemic is impacting African American diasporic groups and/or the homeland.

The local epidemic prevention and control measures in Africa have brought direct economic losses, interrupted supply chains, and tightened financing environments, which have caused a chain blow to the African economy. The continued decline in commodity prices has led to pressure on African crude oil and other commodity export revenues. It may also trigger a food security crisis in Africa. Under optimistic conditions, agricultural production may shrink by 2.6%, and if there are trade barriers, the highest contraction maybe 7%. Due to higher transaction costs and reduced domestic demand, food imports will fall substantially, by as much as 25% or as little as 13%. In particular, densely populated urban informal settlements, difficult access to safe water and sanitation facilities, and fragile sanitation systems. Ultimately, the degree of impact will depend on the public’s response in their respective countries, the extent of disease spread, and policy responses. The combination of these factors may lead to reduced labor market participation, insufficient capital utilization, reduced accumulation of human capital, and long-term productivity effects.


De Anza College How Covid 19 Affected African People Daily Life Discussion


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