De Anza College Nick Cave Soundsuit Artworks Descriptive Essay

De Anza College Nick Cave Soundsuit Artworks Descriptive Essay.

Requirements of the essay :

Writer: Put the information from the art historian and archaeologist together into a coherent narrative. Use Michael Shanks’s essay and terms to explain how the object has changed, decayed, fragmented, gained an aura(become a commodity), lost its aura, or become a souvenir. How has it changed in its journey from raw material to object to art to a commodity? What sort of life has it had? Where is it now? Be creative. Give the artwork a voice.

Discuss your artwork in relation to the essay by Michael Shanks, “The Life of An Artifact.” Shanks writes that “My key points concern material culture and the materiality of the social fabric; how artifacts act as social agents…” How does your artwork relate to materials? And how do these materials relate to the social fabric? You should consider how the artist engages with his or her materials, but also aspects of materials the artist may not have addressed. Consider the history of the materials used in the artwork (where they originate, travel to, how harvested or manufactured, and the political history the materials are a part of), the social aspect of the materials (how they function within social systems, groups, within communication, etc), and the life they take on in the artwork.

De Anza College Nick Cave Soundsuit Artworks Descriptive Essay


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