Diablo Valley College The Race with Time in A Pandemic Essay

Diablo Valley College The Race with Time in A Pandemic Essay.

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Choose an aspect of our present pandemic that you have been wondering about or want to learn more about and do some research to bolster/clarify/change your point of view.

Make sure you limit the topic you choose, and do not make the mistake of choosing a broad topic “because there is lots of information on it.” Narrow your topic so that you have a sense that you know what you are talking about. As you look into it, you may decide to narrow it even further. I know that none of you have the credentials or experience of Dr. Fauci, but if you find a source that says what is on your mind, you are welcome to use it as long as you credit the source. (You may also weave ideas from the reading you have done so far.)

Your paper should be about six pages in MLA style, and it should include an additional Works Cited page Make it interesting, and give it a fine title.

after careful proofreading and a grammarly check.

Also, since your name is on your paper, there is no need to qualify your observations with phrases such as “I think that,” “I believe that,” “It is my opinion that.It is certainly understandable that students weighing in on issues that they are just learning about want to soften their points a bitbut these phrases just weaken your writing.Avoid them.Generalizationsshould be avoided at all costs: to instructors they are the proverbial red flag to a bull. When a student writes “all” or “most” or “every” the instructor immediately can provide exceptions So, unless you are one hundred percent clear that you are in control of your information, avoid such words.Use quotation marks in the following cases:When you are directly quoting someoneor something.When you write the title of something that is part of something larger: the title of a songfrom an album, the title of an article from a newspaper, the title of a chapter from a book.Neverput your own titles in quotation marks when submitting a paper.Do not use contractions.Do not end a paper with “in conclusion.” Since most students are not submitting twentyfive page tomes, your instructors will remember what your point is…if you’ve made it clearly.The best way to conclude is to reaffirm your point. (Of course your paper has to have a point to be able to do this.


Diablo Valley College The Race with Time in A Pandemic Essay


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