Duke University Globalization as a Gendered Phenomenon Discussion

Duke University Globalization as a Gendered Phenomenon Discussion.

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  1. Critically respond to the three-part questions in the form of an essay. Devote equal attention to all questions.
    1. a) How is globalization gendered and why is gender an important analytical tool to understand processes of globalization?
    2. b) What are the challenges facing women workers in the globalization circuit and how are these challenges addressed through activist and/or feminist organizing?
    3. c) How can corporate responsibility (Code of Conduct) create better wages and safer workplace conditions?
  2. You are expected to demonstrate explicit understanding and engagement with the materials from Weeks 3 and 4: Hawkesworth, Dominguez et al, Duhigg & Barboza and Funari & De La Torre (Maquilapolis documentary). In other words, communicate your understanding of the questions and how you use the assigned materials to aid in your understanding.
  3. Please bear in mind that your analysis should lean heavily on the essays/articles assigned and not on the documentary. In other words, the documentary can serve as a supporting material to further showcase your understanding of issues within the context of feminism and globalization.

Article (By Charles Duhigg and David Barboza)…

Video by Vicky Funari and Sergio de la Torre

Duke University Globalization as a Gendered Phenomenon Discussion


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