E Commerce Supremacy Amazon versus WalMart Report

E Commerce Supremacy Amazon versus WalMart Report.

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This assignment is based on the case Walmart and Amazon Duke it out for E-commerce Supremacy a scanned version of those pages is attached. A shorter version of the case is available at

Your assignment is to write a short report analyzing the information system strategies deployed by each company. The report needs to be 3 to 5 pages (double spaced, Font Times New Roman, 12 point).

Avoid using bulleted or numbered lists in your report. They’re a great way to chew up the page count, but I’m interested in your discussion of the issues.

In this report, you need to particularly address the following questions:

  1. How have information technologies changed the industry structure in which Walmart and Amazon operate? Apply Michael Porter’s five competitive force model to layout the key actors and identify the impacts of Internet-based technologies on these actors.
  2. Analyze the value chain of each company and identify what strategic roles information systems play in strengthening their value chains.
  3. Will Walmart be successful against Explain your answer.

Before starting your assignment, and again before submitting, be sure to review the rubric which will tell you how your work will be graded.

E Commerce Supremacy Amazon versus WalMart Report


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