ECE 101 CCD Observation in Children Education and Development Paper

ECE 101 CCD Observation in Children Education and Development Paper.

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hi there I need help with the following attached assignment following all guide lines in the required assignment please. Also I am including what I had observed during my field work experience that may help you along with helping me in this assignment. If I failed to observe or mention anything please help fill in any missing pieces for me. I would appreciate all your help with this in filling in any missing pieces. Please find below all that I had observed from the 7 year old male student named James.

The 7 year old male student James responded to the teachers requests quickly and in a timely manner. He also listened mostly to his teacher but needed reminders to do what was being asked of him or to stay focused on completing his work, The subject interacted with others very well I never seen him argue, fight with others at all. He was polite and kind and cared about his friends and wanted to help them as well as shared his supplies or toys with others. He talked with others and interacted through playing indoors and out doors and according to his teacher he is showing (PR) which is he is progressing in the area of not arguing with others as much as he once done before. The subject s academic levels and behavior as well as parent/teacher relationships are as follows according to the classroom teacher… Ok as parent is receptive to notes home for additional help but the teacher herself dont feel she is doing anything to get the subject any additional help at home. The subject is approaching academic levels but not consisting he is (PR) which is progressing. The subject also shows no signs of behavior issues in class or shown at home according to parent/teacher. The subject is delayed/behind in reading and writing. The subject wanted to help his new classmate out and show that he would be a friend to him and that he was accepted within the classroom among his peers. The subject was able to answer open ended questions which pertained to the book his reading group was reading such as for example: Why do people use boats? or What can you see in the rain forest? and Who is the main character’s in the story, and name two words to describe them? Subject was active and participated in the move,move,move go-noodle movement breaks. Subjects reading level is on a level {E) for a first grader his reading level should be on a (G) reading level. During Math the subject made predictions and participated in a Think, Pair, Share (think, turn & talk) and then played a game kinda like bingo but this was a math game called LINGO.The subject described himself to me as being good, really smart, and that he likes to learn. When I gave the subject the Heine’s delema for Kholberg’s Theory the subject had responded to me as follows…. I can go to the store and buy it for them and also ask for help from my mom to get the medicine. I wouldn’t steal the medicine as I would buy it. Stealing is wrong. I also performed the cup of water experiment with the subject and this was the results from that test…. When both small clear cups were the same size with the same amount of water in them both he told me that they were both the same and had the same amount of water in them both. But when I poured one cup into a taller clear cup he had said that the taller cup had more water in it. (Even though the smaller cup and the taller cup both had the same amount of water really in them) Then the next experiment I done was the Coin Experiment and here are the results from that… when the coins were laid out in two seperate rows and the student was asked which row of coins had the most coins in the row or where they both the same the student replied both are the same. Then when I moved the coins and scattered them in two separate rows again I asked the student the same question and again he told me they were both the same. This concludes my observations of my 7 year old male subject named James.

Please find now attached the actual assignment document that I need help with…. If you have any questions before I go please let me know. Thanks once again for your help….

ECE 101 CCD Observation in Children Education and Development Paper


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