Experience of The World Since the Enlightenment Essay

Experience of The World Since the Enlightenment Essay.

Think about what you can say about the experience of the world since the Enlightenment by using one of the themes as a lens.

The essay will ask you to respond to a prompt concerning one of the course themes

–Your response must be cumulative in the temporal sense (late-18th century to present day) and geographic sense (drawing on examples from at least 3 out of the following 5 regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, South/East Asia)

–You must also respond with a combination of broad assertions and micro-examples stemming from both the lecture material and the course readings (roughly a 50/50 balance between lecture and reading materials)

Eg – (big assertion) mass violence has been a constant component of modern history and is a product of the Enlightenment, (micro-examples) which can be seen in both World Wars, especially highlighted in Wilfred Own’s poem……

When preparing for the essay, consider the following three course themes: choose one from TWO possible prompts 500 words each

–Religion and the State: Theology and Secularism in the Modern World

–Othering: Ethnicity and Race in the Making of Nations and Civilizations

–Gender and Sexuality: Categorizing Biological and Sexual Difference

50/50 lecture and reading (don’t worry about direct quoting and citing, just make sure you can sum up the reading you are referencing in succinct detail)

Experience of The World Since the Enlightenment Essay


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