Family Roles Scripts and Rules A Deeper Look Questions Discussion

Family Roles Scripts and Rules A Deeper Look Questions Discussion.

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1. Family Roles, Scripts, and Rules: A Deeper Look

For this assignment, you will be working out of pages 37-108 in Your Family, Your Self. The goal of this assignment is to enhance your understanding of the various roles, scripts, and rules that operated in your family system when you were growing up. All your answers are confidential, and will not be shared. I will grade this assignment based on completion and effort, and not “right answers.” Instructions (5 Steps total): Write one to two pages.

2. A. Question(s): Which role from the “Family Roles” chapter do you feel you were given growing up? Do you sometimes observe yourself taking on this role “outside” of the family system (e.g., at work, on a date, in a book club, at the gas station, in the mall, etc)? Given that everyone has a family role (whether they still inhabit that role is a different story), are there certain roles to whom you gravitate (outside of your family system)? Lastly, how overt was your family in declaring “family goals?” Were you aware of such goals growing up (not the family’s rules, but rather the family’s goals)? Was your family role rigid or flexible, would you say? Why? write 120 to 200 words.

B. Question(s): For an intimate relationship to be stable, there must be a balance between the forces of togetherness and individuality in each partner. Stability in this context is related to an index called the disparity tolerance. Apply the disparity tolerance to a relationship you’ve once had, or still maintain. Some individuals feel a greater need to assert individuality; others have a greater need for togetherness, and community. How has this interplay of togetherness and separateness played out in your life (at home, at work, in how you are with your thoughts, in how you set goals)?write 120 to 200 words.

Family Roles Scripts and Rules A Deeper Look Questions Discussion


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