FGV International Graduate Students Leaving the United States upon Graduation Essay

FGV International Graduate Students Leaving the United States upon Graduation Essay.

I’m stuck on a Social Science question and need an explanation.

Please use first PDF to understand the topic, there have four topic, I am gone to pick the topic for “Immigration/Refugees,” and second PDF is help you’re easy to understand how to write this paper. And I am an International student study in America in UCDAVIS. This paper need 6 pages. And help is some help to help you easy to understand how to write this paper. And I will send 4 reading to you, just need pick 2 readings to finish this paper.

You might start with an INTRODUCTION, probably 1-2.5 pages, that tells the story of your curiosity. Tell us what you wanted to find out. What made you curious about this? Where did you think you would go to gather data? Who would to engage with? How did you refine your topic? This could include your METHOD (approach to gathering data), or would flow nicely into a separate methods section. You can use sections headings, but you don’t have to.

Make sure to include, early on in your paper, a description of who you talked to and where you did your fieldwork. If it was on the phone, tell us that. In person, describe it briefly. Internet survey, tell us what platform, who you sent it to, how many replies you got, etc. This will be different for every project. You are all investigating very different topics, but you need to get the reader oriented.

After all the context and description stuff that makes up the first half or so of your paper, you will want to also cover the DATA and your ANALYSIS or REFLECTION.

Briefly do an overview of the data you gathered if you haven’t already, and then take us through your analysis. What stands out to you about the data you got? What surprised or confused you? How does this data reflect back on the initial question/curiosity that launched the project? If you haven’t already used some citational references earlier in your paper (for example, to help describe and scaffold your methods, or as a way to contextualize your project through reference to similar projects or useful theories) this is basically your last shot. You can use the archive/resources posted on Canvas, but also try the library website or google scholar to find related papers. They can give you ideas and language, even if you don’t cite them directly or only skim them. You should have two sources from class at a minimum, and you also need an additional three. These can also be from class, but ideally would be more directly related to your area of interest. Do some keyword searches to see what people have investigated around your topic. You can also use their bibliographies/works cited to find more related papers.

At the end, you may want to include a final concluding section, but this may have already occurred with your analysis/reflection portion. This conclusion would be short and would not include new sources, although it might return to an important one or an earlier salient quote from an interview as a way to review and resolve the paper.

FGV International Graduate Students Leaving the United States upon Graduation Essay


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