GEY 4612 USF Does Depression Increase the Risk for Dementia Paper

GEY 4612 USF Does Depression Increase the Risk for Dementia Paper.

This assignment is focused on identifying an online article (i.e. a news story from a website like CNN or Times; or that is from a blog) that is about your topic of interest (the question you chose in the discussion board). Once you have identified an article, you will summarize it, implement the TRAAP test, and apply what you have learned from the TRAAP test in order to make a valid judgment of the article’s reliability.

**The question is chose is “Does depression increase the risk for dementia?”, so this would be my topic of interest**

The article may come from any source on the internet (excluding peer-reviewed journal articles), and it may have been published at any time. The article might not address all of the questions included on the TRAAP test, but it is important that your article does have some relevancy to your topic of interest. When analyzing your article, it is important to attempt to address as many questions in each part of the TRAAP test as possible. This will include having to do some additional research beyond what the article encompasses (GEA 1 GUIDELINESPreview the document).

The assignment should have a cover page that includes your research question, name, the semester, and year, as well as a working link to your article. The assignment will consist of a one paragraph summary about the article, as well as one paragraph for each section of the TRAAP test, and one concluding paragraph discussing how the article could be improved.

The assignment must be typed and submitted to Canvas. Submissions via email or in the Canvas comments will not be accepted. Late assignments will lose a half letter grade every 12 hours, and will not be accepted after the third day. The assignment must be in Times New Roman font, size 12. The document must have 1-inch margins, and paragraphs must be indented and double-spaced. The assignment must be at least 3 pages in length. If you do not reach the page requirement, you will lose points for not including enough detail throughout your paper. It is therefore important that you find an article with enough information in order to discuss it for this amount of space. Finally, you must follow the rules for citing via APA and include a reference. You risk losing points if you do not follow the rules of APA and cite properly.

Your paper will be graded on your ability to follow directions and quality of your work. Please be sure to proofread all submissions to look for grammar errors, including run-on sentences. In addition to this, lengthy quotes and frequent parentheses should be avoided at all costs. These can lead to reductions in your grade. Finally, do not plagiarize someone else’s work. This includes randomly switching words in sentences. If you are caught plagiarizing, you risk the chance of receiving a 0 for this assignment (GEA 1 RUBRICPreview the document).

I highly suggest you use, and follow, the template provided in order to ensure that you have completed all parts of the assignment.


GEY 4612 USF Does Depression Increase the Risk for Dementia Paper


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