Google Company Enterprise Risk Management Research & PPT

Google Company Enterprise Risk Management Research & PPT.

Page Count Range should be 20 pages not including:

Title page, Table of Contents and References page

Put all members of the group on the Title Page

All References are to be in APA format.

Residency Paper Information:

Pick an industry/company to focus on for this assignment.Based upon the given information you can find on the company and any past issues/breaches the company has gone through, write up an analysis paper on how good Enterprise Risk Management could benefit the company.

  • Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches
  • A narrative on the organization that you have chosen (to include strategy, core business activities, recent financial performance and corporate view of risk management)
  • An analysis of the key political, economic, social, technical, legislative and environmental risks that the organization is currently facing
  • Explore Traditional risk management methods.Explain and define them.
  • Explore Enterprise Risk Management methods. Explain and define them.
  • What are the benefits and limitations in using ERM?
  • What are the key roles and responsibilities for ERM?
  • What are the key items the company needs to address and what are the risks associated with it?
  • Provide recommendations for the company to improve their ERM.
  • Conclusion
  • References – APA format

Residency Presentation Information:

Based upon the research and writing completed for the paper, prepare a presentation that will look at 4-5 Risk items the company needs to focus on.

  • Identify the Risk
  • Analyze the Risk
  • Evaluate or Rank the Risk
  • Recommendation on the Risk

Slide 1 – Title Slide w/ all group members names

Slide 2 – Brief company information

Slide 3-7 – Company Risk Items

Slide 8-9 – Summary of Recommendations for the company to improve their ERM

Slide 10 – References

***Slide count may vary if you want to address the risks on multiple slides, but you should have a min. of 10 slides with each group member presenting/explaining (1) risks.All members are required to participate.

Google Company Enterprise Risk Management Research & PPT


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