Harrisburg University Cost Effectiveness in Agile Methodology Research Paper

Harrisburg University Cost Effectiveness in Agile Methodology Research Paper.

Question Description

A DRAFT for mid-term paper using the attached template. Please focus on the mid-term sections only in the template.
I have attached the template. I have also attached the resources and article related to my area of research. Please try to use the resources that I have found. You can also use couple of other resources if you find them useful.

Below are two areas of need for research. You can use these attached resources to support your research problem.

  • Agile involves customer interaction. There is a need for research into how to enhance customer interaction during cost estimation in Agile projects
  • There is not a model which delivers high accuracy for cost estimates in the Agile project management methodology. Continued research in how to make cost estimation accurate in Agile is needed

    Also indicate which organizations or at least what
    industries in particular are impacted? Specifically, healthcare industry.

    You also indicate that due to ineffective stakeholder relations, projects have been impacted and how. Support an evidence for it. Look to the literature to offer evidence regarding the magnitude of the problem.

    (This research needs to be narrowed to cost effectiveness in Agile methodology itself)

Harrisburg University Cost Effectiveness in Agile Methodology Research Paper


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