Harvard University Polynomial Function Calculus Project

Harvard University Polynomial Function Calculus Project.

Question Description

The purpose of this is to apply calculus to data models that you will create to answer questions involving the melting and freezing of arctic sea ice. The directions contain three data tables, the first of which contains the data that you will use for this project (also given as an Excel file for convenience). You will create a model (a polynomial function) for each of the three years and record them, along with their derivatives, in table 2. In table 3 you will record your answers regarding maximization and minimization. For the approximate date please use a specific day (i.e. March 12th or day 71). In your written analysis please address the 8 questions given in the directions. Please add screenshots of your DESMOS graphs into your analysis.

To submit, you will email me your written analysis and your Excel file containing your graphs and regression models to me. One thing that I would like to point out is that you will not be using the first/second derivative tests to locate maximum and minimum values by hand, you will be using DESMOS. It is extremely simple, since once you graph your functions you can just click on the points containing extreme values and DESMOS will display the (x,y) coordinates. If, after reading the directions you have any questions about it, please send them my way.

Instruction Video:

Harvard University Polynomial Function Calculus Project


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