Howard Community College A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions Questions

Howard Community College A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions Questions.

Question Description

At the end of Chapter 1, write at least 1 paragraph for each question 3, 6, 17, 19 on pages 50 – 51. Let me see how you begin to apply deep thinking to the topics in Chapter 1.

3. Plato hated the Sophists. How might the relativism they introduced have

contributed to the decline in society that led to the execution of Socrates

( Plato’s theory)?

6. It has been said that we cannot answer the questions of metaphysics without, at

the same time, addressing those of epistemology. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

17. Of the things you are pretty certain you know, how many do you know by reason

and how many by intuition? Of the things you consider the most vital, did

reason or intuition lead you to them

19. Does African philosophy represent a kind of golden mean between the extreme

rationalism of the West and the interrelatedness of the East? Has the best of

each been retained in the African approach, or have essential parts of either

view been omitted?

For everyone doing this assignment: Make sure that you define any philosophical terms that you use. When you quote, always state the source. Write in detail how you come up with your views or positions. I am looking for how everyone demonstrates their thinking utilizing the lectures and the reading of the textbook. Be rigorous in your responses.

Howard Community College A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions Questions


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