HST 101 Hudson County Community College Egyptian Pyramids Research Paper

HST 101 Hudson County Community College Egyptian Pyramids Research Paper.

Question Description

Students will be required to submit a research paper as a vital component of the course and its cumulative grade. Research is a basic and necessary activity of the college experience, regardless of the course and discipline. Students will utilize the following general:

  • Length: 5-7 pages of information; though paginated, title and bibliography pages are not included in the count
  • Font: Calibri (Body), 11; this is to be used throughout the paper
  • Spacing: Double (throughout entire paper)
  • Sources: Print (specific history books, magazines, journals): minimum three (absolutely no textbooks, including the assigned text for this course, are to be used for this project)
  • Sources: Electronic: minimum three (Wikipedia, or more elementary and juvenile-oriented sites are not to be utilized for this project)
  • Maps and/or illustrations are not to be included within this project, including the title page
  • Abstract: Essentially an introductory paragraph that will provide the intent of the project (should be on separate sheet of report, but not paginated)
  • Running header provided against top-left margin providing title of project on each page of paper, including cover page (may be smaller font-size than 11)
  • Pagination for all pages against top-right margin (example: Page 1)
  • Documentary films as a source permitted; theatrical, television films not acceptable.

Instructor refers students to obtain a copy from the ECC Library that details the citation guidelines for the American Psychological Association format; this is also available in the grammar texts utilized by English courses at ECC. In addition, the following site from Purdue University is an excellent resource, in terms of differentiating the details of the various formats, including APA.

Plagiarism, in any form, will be considered a violation of the ECC/course instructor’s policy concerning academic integrity.

In terms of validity of electronic sites, you may submit the site’s URL to Instructor for verification.

If feasible, one class session will be devoted to very limited-length discussions of individual student concerns.

A research project is only valid if quoted and paraphrased materials are cited within the research, and according to the American Psychological Association format. Failure to follow this vital requirement will result in failure of the project.

. Egyptian Pyramids: materials, how constructed, purposes (Egyptian only)

HST 101 Hudson County Community College Egyptian Pyramids Research Paper


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