HU Wk 2 Chi Square & Hypothesis Testing Outdoor Sporting Goods Client Discussion

HU Wk 2 Chi Square & Hypothesis Testing Outdoor Sporting Goods Client Discussion.

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chi square and hypothesis testing in Accounting

Based upon the input from Units 1 and 2, you have just received your
next assignment that will contribute to your next decision. For the
outdoor sporting goods client, based upon your prior decision on whether
or not to expand to the next market or retain your current position,
justify your decision further utilizing the chi-square distribution
tool. One key criterion point: You do not have adequate data to
formulate a full chi-square for the outdoor sporting goods client.
However, you have sufficient data to initiate this process. You are
charged to demonstrate the initial steps of a nonparametric test that
are qualitative. Utilizing the null and alternative hypotheses, further
present your justifications for your selection and what it means beyond
the mere formulas. What is this going to tell the Board of Directors and
contribute to the decision-making process?

The following information may be helpful in understanding chi-square and hypothesis testing:

Please review this helpful video. The presenter uses flipping a coin and rolling a die. These are examples and analogies used in the CTU resources.

The following are assumptions that might make the assignment more helpful and make the responses more uniform:

  • Continue to utilize the Big D scenario. Work under the assumption
    that the sample is based upon 2 different proposed product lines.
  • Additionally, work under the assumption that the same demographics are utilized for each pr

HU Wk 2 Chi Square & Hypothesis Testing Outdoor Sporting Goods Client Discussion


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