Identifying Independent and Dependent Variables in Statements Discussion

Identifying Independent and Dependent Variables in Statements Discussion.

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  1. Identify the independent and dependent variables in the following statement: A study seeks to find out if listening to rap music causes teenagers to become more violent than their peers who do not listen to rap music. IV: __________________________ DV: _______________________
  2. What percent of Americans view their marriage as “very happy”, somewhat happy”, and “not too happy”? Then using the GSS2018 data, run a frequency on HAPMAR (Happiness of Marriage), and also create a histogram. What do these findings suggest about marriage happiness? Exclude missing cases. (3) Actual Percent Very Happy __________ Pretty Happy __________ Not Too Happy ___________
  3. Using Explore determine the measures of central tendency and spread for HTH519 (Percent of Adults who Do Not Exercise, 2008) from STATES10 data set. Examine the statistics and determine which measures of central tendency and spread are most appropriate. Make sure to click on the statistics box and check “descriptives.” Run a histogram as well. (5)Mean ________________________________Median ________________________________Standard deviation ________________________________Range ________________________________Interquartile range ________________________________These are measures of central tendency that can be useful from a descriptive perspective. Consider you work for a non-profit looking to promote exercise in one of the states in the middle of the pack (so to speak) and you want to see what has been done in other several other states. Using the following graph and the STATES10 dataset, which states would you look at as examples of healthy states and you will also include where (relatively speaking) does the state you currently live in rank (high, med, low). The 10 numbers on the graph are states at the upper and lower bounds, and correspond to the STATEID number. The STATEID is how you can identify these states. You can look up your state’s information in the data set if not one of the listed states.

Identifying Independent and Dependent Variables in Statements Discussion


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