IFSM 495 University of Maryland Global Campus CDMS System Context Diagram

IFSM 495 University of Maryland Global Campus CDMS System Context Diagram.

I need a context diagram made from section VII which is attached. I also included a context diagram explanantion. The instructions are here:

  • Context Diagram

The purpose of this section is to provide a context diagram to illustrate the various types of system users and the types of interactions they will have with the system.The context diagram supplements the requirements listed in Section VII to further illustrate the system requirements and solution.

  • Since this diagram will be placed in the Appendix, this section should include a brief explanation of the diagram and make reference to it.
  • The diagram shows the boundaries or scope of the proposed solution, the external entities involved, and the data that flows between the system and the external entities. Each type of system user should be included among the external entities.

Approach to Developing this Section

In developing this section, the team should be sure that the diagram matches the system description and includes all of the entities that interact with the system.In developing the context diagram, the PowerPoint presentation “Context Diagram Explanation” (located in Course Content) provides an example and a brief explanation, and the icons can be copied and used for the team’s context diagram, if so desired.Your diagram must be constructed as shown in the “Context Diagram Explanation.”The system is in the center and the “actors” that interact with it are shown along with what data flows between the “actors” and the system.

In Section VIII, create an explanation of the context diagram and refer to it in the Appendix, and place the context diagram in the Appendix, with an appropriate Title for the diagram.

IFSM 495 University of Maryland Global Campus CDMS System Context Diagram


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