Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity Presentation

Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity Presentation.

Can you help me understand this Biology question?

Please make a powerpoint and a speechdraft for me, the presentation will be around 4 mins and i also need a brief question and an answer so that my friend could ask me after my speech.


In Weeks 9 and 10, you will deliver an oral & visual presentation on your Advocacy Project. Your presentation is your opportunity to convince your peers of the legitimacy of your positions, the credibility of your research, and the importance of your topic and the questions you are asking. You will have four minutes to make the presentation (I will be keeping time), followed by 1-2 minutes for questions from the audience.

Your presentation should include visual elements that enhance your argument and the points you want to convey to your audience. Prepare a presentation using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. If you’d like to use any format beyond those three options, please check in with me. Though you’ll want to be as thorough as possible, your time is limited. Thus, your presentation should have no more than seven slides.

Try to find visual elements that do not merely restate what you are saying orally. Instead, try to find visuals that further convey your ideas to the audience. You can deliver much more information with a couple good visuals than you can possibly talk about in four minutes, so you’ll want to make good use of the visual modes in your presentation. Note that some visuals, such as charts or graphs that present data, will require more explanation than other visual elements. If there is detailed data presented, be sure to help your audience understand how they should interpret that information. You’ll want to make sure they understand how it fits in to your overall presentation.

In addition to oral and visual modes, be conscious of your gestural modes in the presentation, as well.

Your presentation should

  1. 1) Be well-paced and succinctly delivered.
  2. 2) It should clearly present your thesis/problem statement as it stands on the day you give
  3. your presentation, which includes defining your research questions for your audience.
  4. 3) Describe and summarize the most significant aspects of the political/social/cultural problem you’re addressing.
  5. 4) Frame this problem with current examples or incidents that show your audience that the
  6. problem you’re addressing is alive and relevant right now.
  7. 5) Give your audience a sense for the deep foundation of research on which your positions stand.

Practice your presentation several times in order to check your pacing and to ensure the presentation is at four minutes in length. Remember that this is a collaborative and supportive class environment – think of these presentations as a way to share the products of all of your research with the class.

The night before you present, send a copy of your presentation to me at I will download all of the presentations so that they are ready to use in class.

REMINDER: You may want to talk about the presentation in your Final ePortfolio. so make sure you save your slides. For example, you may want to provide screenshots of some of your slides in the ePort.

Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity Presentation


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