Indiana Wesleyan University Social Work Qualitative Research Paper

Indiana Wesleyan University Social Work Qualitative Research Paper.

Getting Started

The purpose of qualitative research is to identify individuals’ attitudes, perceptions, and experiences of a specific phenomenon. For example, in 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act. Since the law was implemented, there have been significant changes in healthcare . Along with those changes have come a myriad of opinions regarding the effectiveness of this social policy. As a social worker, you need to understand how social policies impact the overall well-being of society; thus, a qualitative study of individuals’ perceptions of the Affordable Care Act might prove beneficial. Study participants could include those within the healthcare industry or society as a whole.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Access the library for empirical studies.
  • Demonstrate in writing the elements of each research methodology.


  • Textbook: Writing Empirical Research Reports
  • File: Qualitative Sample Assignment.pdf
  • File: Research Methods Cheat Sheet.pdf
  • Website: IWU Library Services
  • Website: Citation Machine

Background Information

Five Types of Qualitative Research Designs

Five Types of Qualitative Research Designs

Qualitative research serves to help the researcher understand the participants’ perceptions, attitudes, and experiences.

Non-probability sampling methods, such as a criterion sample, often are used. At times they are referred to as “purposive sampling.” With this type of sampling method, all of the participants must meet a specific criterion to participate in the study. If you are considering the Affordable Care Act, as a researcher you may be interested in understanding the perceptions of leaders in the healthcare industry. Being a leader in the healthcare industry could be the criterion that participants would need to meet.

However, in many situations, a probability sampling method, such as a simple random sample, could be used. Again, consider the Affordable Care Act. Since this social policy affects everyone, as a researcher you may be interested in the general public’s perceptions of this policy. Therefore, a simple random sample of the national population would work.

Data Collection:
With qualitative data, the researcher collects the data by conducting interviews, usually with open-ended questions.

Data Analysis:
A thematic analysis is used to analyze the data. The researcher reviews the data and identifies patterns and themes.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Read Chapter 14 in your textbook Writing Empirical Research Reports.
  3. Review the following resources:
    1. File: Qualitative Research Example.pdf
    2. File: Research Methods Cheat Sheet.pdf
    3. Website: Citation Machine
    4. Visit IWU Library Services:
      1. Go to the IWU library databases and locate a peer-reviewed qualitative research study in social work.
    5. Identify in writing the elements of the qualitative research study, which include:
      1. The problem of the study
      2. The sampling methods used
      3. The data collection methods used
      4. The data analysis used
      5. A summary of the study results
  4. Be sure to follow APA formatting, to include a cover page and a reference page.
  5. Your assignment should be a minimum of one page, not including the cover page and reference page.

Indiana Wesleyan University Social Work Qualitative Research Paper


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