INTL 434 AMU How Terrorism Originates and Terrorism in Iraq Case Study

INTL 434 AMU How Terrorism Originates and Terrorism in Iraq Case Study.

Question Description

Select a foreign
nation-state (not the United States) and describe a threat to that
nation. The threat can be any of those discussed in this course
(conventional state threats, non-state actors, terrorist, insurgent,
emerging threat, cyber, etc). Be specific, though, as the threat you
select must be an “actor”–for instance, “Climate change” or “pandemics” are not actors and “cyber
threats” is far too vague to be a meaningful choice, because it is very
general and not an actor. Briefly provide a background of the threat,
what it is, how the nation perceives the threat and how your chosen
nation-state has responded to the threat.

you need to determine the above first and merge it with this assignment to be able to complete this assignment.

Assignment Instructions: For
this assignment you will take your case-study from the first essay and,
first, provide your analytical assessment (thesis) on the case. Second,
you will detail the threat in a nine-section Threat Assessment
format. Your assignment should be 10 to 12 pages (not including title
page and bibliography), double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Remember to use the Chicago Style Manual for all citations and
bibliography. A minimum of 10 (10) scholarly sources are required for
this assignment. Below are the required sections. Please include the
section headings in red on your assignment. You are welcome to rearrange topics so your paper flows well. A key
assignment task if for you to use the essay as a vehicle to demonstrate
your knowledge of course concepts, while you craft an assessment in
your own analytic voice

does this state or non-state actor actually pose to your chosen
nation-state, taking everything into consideration? Is the threat
successful at exerting its influence? Is the nation-state’s response
effective or ineffective?


  • HISTORY: This is the section where you can discuss the history of
    the threat and your nation’s perception and response. Discuss why and
    how the threat came to be. Why did it become a threat? What was its
    initial motivation? What environmental/societal/economic/etc. factors
    contributed to its formation?
  • MEMBERSHIP/LEADERSHIP: Who makes up the threat? Why do they
    participate? What is their motivation? Who are the leaders, if any? How
    effective are they?
  • STRUCTURE/ORGANIZATION: How is the threat structured? Is there an organization? What is it?
  • CURRENT GOAL/MOTIVATION: What is the current goal/motivation of the
    threat entity? What is it trying to achieve? Has it evolved since its
  • TACTICS/CAPABILITIES: What tactics does the threat employ? How capable is it? What weapons/tools does it use?
  • FUNDING/CONNECTIONS: Where does the threat get funding? Supplies?
    Weapons? Does the threat have connections to any other organizations,
    nation-states, etc.?
  • LOCATION/SCOPE/MAGNITUDE: Where does the threat operate? How broad
    in scope is the threat? Are they a regional threat or a global threat
    beyond the immediate threat to your nation-state?
  • COUNTERING THE THREAT: How has the nation-state countered the
    threat? Also, please suggest possible ways to mitigate or counter the
    threat. Look at alternatives the nation-state could take to counter the
    threat. This is especially true if the nation’s responses are
    ineffective. Try to think outside the box and be a little creative. I
    understand that you won’t have total information, but just give it a

If any of these sections do not apply to your particular topic for
some reason, you need to at least include the required section heading
along with a short explanation as to why it doesn’t apply.

TIPS: . Review the plagiarism and
quotations briefs again if you are unsure about your paper. Run your
draft essay through TURNITIN to ensure any verbatim text matches are
below 15% (the undergraduate standard) and so you can check each
verbatim match to ensure it is properly cited by specific page number.
When you submit the essay under the MyClassoom “assignment” link, I
receive a TURNITIN report showing the verbatim word matches. Essays
cannot be resubmitted to attain a higher grade. See the attached
essay-writing guide with best practices for success.

INTL 434 AMU How Terrorism Originates and Terrorism in Iraq Case Study


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