irvine Valley College Stress Management Lab

irvine Valley College Stress Management Lab.

Question Description

On page 71 of the textbook complete the Lab Assessment 3.1 exercise by typing up both the question and answer in a word document. You can also complete 3.1 exercise on your book and upload a scanned document.

After you have completed the assignment, save it to your computer and upload it here. Please make sure your answers are thorough and evidence of critical thinking is displayed for each and every answer.

Assignment instructions/Expectations

  • 12 font
  • Times Roman
  • 1 page minimum

I understand some of you may be in the process of purchasing and ordering your books.

See below Lab Assessment 3.1:


Do you know what to do for post-traumatic stress disorder?

  1. Many of us have experienced a traumatic event. For some, it is an automobile accident, and they report seeing their lives flash before their eyes. For others, it is the sudden death of a loved one, and the memory of how they where told is forever etched in their minds. For still others, it is a sexual assault by a stranger, relative, or impaired relationships. If you have experienced a traumatic event with the potential to elicit these symptoms, describe that event here. If you have not, describe a traumatic event that someone you know has experience.
  1. What were/are the symptoms that resulted from this event? Be sure to list physical, psychological, and social/relationship
  1. How can you or this other person receive help with these symptoms? Cite from whom help should be solicited and what type of help that source can provide. Include family members, professionals, and others such as professors/teachers, coaches, friends, and clergy.
  1. Of course, just listing sources will not help with these symptoms. These sources actually have to be accessed for assistance to be provided. If it is you who experienced the traumatic event, write in your calendar when you will contact each source, and adhere to that schedule. If it is someone else who experienced the traumatic event, encourage that person to specify when assistance will be sought, and offer to help that person to remember to do so.

irvine Valley College Stress Management Lab


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